Web Map Award

This award recognizes excellence in web mapping and is open to all post-secondary students who have completed and produced a web map in the preceding school year. The CCA Web Map Award will consist of one prize of $250 selected from entries from college-level, CEGEP students, or university-level students.

Submissions will be evaluated by a panel of three judges made up of CCA executives. Participants are asked to email their project URL to CCA Conference Organizer: Roger Wheate <Roger.Wheate@unbc.ca>  by 11 p.m. May 17th, 2019.

Judges will be evaluating projects based on the following criteria:

Map Story – Does the web map tell a unique story with a specific purpose or client in mind?

Cartographic Design – Project showcases current cartographic web mapping practices with a balance of necessary data layers, high quality web-ready multimedia elements and presented in professional presentation.

User Interactivity – Aspects of user interactivity (popups, zoom control, layer control, user ability, etc.) are all fully functional for intended audience.

Complexity – Is the web map created using a proprietary application or using code and/or plugins? If coding is used, is it organized and commented.

Package – Overall package of the project: side panels, explanations, flow of information, data quality, multi-media,  and proper sourcing will all be considered.

Submission – Please submit a bitly link to the URL for the hosted web map. It is asked that the winning submission be kept online for one year.

The CCA looks forward to reviewing your web map creations and seeing your mapping stories in this cartographic format. Best of Luck.

Student Mapping Competitions: Announcement and Entry Form