About Us CCA History

The following is a list of CCA Past Presidents, with their affiliation, annual conference location and other associations at the conference.

Year CCA President Affiliation Conference
2016-18 Julia Siemer * University of Regina Lawrencetown, NS
Carleton U, Ottawa, ON
2014-16 Chris Storie * University of Winnipeg Winnipeg, MB
Charlottetown, PEI
2012-14 Anna Jasiak * Natural Resources Canada St. Catharines, ON
Edmonton, AB (ACMLA)
2011-12 Gerald Stark Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development Waterloo, ON
2010-11 Donna Williams Natural Resources Canada Calgary, AB (CAG, ACUPP)
2009-10 Daniel G. Cole Smithsonian Institution Regina, SK (CAG, CGRG and CRSS)
2008-09 Clifford H. Wood Memorial University Wolfville, NS (Geomatics Atlantic)
2007-08 James Boxall Dalhousie University Vancouver, BC (ACMLA)
2006-07 Clifford H.Wood Memorial University Saskatoon, SK (Congress)
2005-06 Rick Gray Ridgetown College, University of Guelph Ottawa, ON (GEOTEC)
2004-05 Christine Earl Carleton University St.John’s, NL (ACMLA)
2003-04 Claire Gosson Natural Resources Canada Lindsay, ON
2002-03 Ute Dymon Kent State University Victoria, BC (CAG)
2000-02 Patricia Connor * University of Western Ontario Waterloo, ON
Montréal, QC (ACMLA)
1999-00 Michel Fournier Cartologique Edmonton, AB (ACMLA)
1998-99 Roger Wheate University of Northern BC Ottawa, ON (ICA)
1997-98 Brian Klinkenberg University of British Columbia London, ON (ACMLA)
1996-97 Gary McManus Memorial University of Newfoundland St.John’s, NL
1995-96 Janet Mersey University of Guelph Toronto, ON
1994-95 Marcia Faurer University of Winnipeg Calgary, AB
1993-94 Alun Hughes Brock University Ottawa, ON (NACIS)
1992-93 Majella Gauthier Université du Québec à Chicoutimi Winnipeg, MB
1991-92 Peter Keller University of Victoria Montreal, QCl (Carto-Québec)
1990-91 Claudette LeBlanc NS LRIS Hamilton, ON / Syracuse
1989-90 Jean Carriere Université du Québec à Montréal Victoria, BC (PICS)
1988-89 Norman Drummond McGill University Halifax, NS (CISM)
1987-88 Christopher Gold Memorial University of Newfoundland York, ON
1986-87 Malcolm Brown University of Manitoba Québec, QC (Carto-Québec)
1985-86 Clifford H. Wood Memorial University of Newfoundland Vancouver, BC
1984-85 Michel Rheault Université de Sherbrooke Fredericton, NB
1983-84 David Douglas University of Ottawa London, ON
1982-83 Michael Coulson University of Calgary Calgary, AB
1981-82 Henry Castner Queen’s University Lindsay, ON
1980-81 Raymond Boyle University of Saskatchewan St.John’s, NL
1978-80 Fraser Taylor * Carleton University Montréal, QC
York, ON
1977-78 Leonard Guelke University of Waterloo Vancouver, BC
1976-77 Gerald McGrath Queen’s University Ottawa, ON
1975-76 Janusz Klawe University of Alberta Kingston, ON

* Executives with a 2 year term.