Presentation types and topics

General Session Topics
In concert with the theme ‘150 years of Cartography: Past, Present and Future’, we are encouraging presentations in all aspects of the art and science of Cartography, Digital Cartography and GIS-based Cartography, that may have historical relevance (Past), current importance (Present), and future implications (Future). Cross-theme presentations may be acceptable for flexibility. Examples follow but are not exclusive:

  • Past: The relevance of cartography in the history of Canada; mapping Canada; historical use of maps in Canada; the history, role or significance of maps in Canada’s history; evolution of digitalcartography, historical GIS analysis or similar themes.
  • Present: Current trends in modern cartography and GIS; digitizing Canada; innovative or current software applications; mapping as political strategy; First nations mapping and contemporary land claims or similar themes.
  • Future: Dynamic, interactive and virtual reality mapping; crowd-sourced, web and personalized cartography; cloud cartography; big data; future trends in cartographic software technologies or similar themes

Presentation Types

  • General Session Presentations:
    Presentations are 15 minutes long with 5 minutes for brief questions for a total duration of 20 minutes. Please stay within the time allotted. Presentations should be oral with visuals in electronic format, such as PowerPoint, Prezi or equivalent. The presentation room has modern audio-visual equipment.
  • Short presentations:
    These are designed for 5-10 minute talks aimed at practical map design presentations or project designs, not yet fully completed (e.g. student mapping projects).
  • Posters:
    Posters should be printed on good quality presentation media, not larger than 60″ x 42″. Typical poster size is 42” wide x 36” high. Poster mounting stands will be provided.
  • PechaKucha:
    PechaKucha is a fast paced presentation with 20 slides in electronic format, such as PowerPoint, Prezi or equivalent, presented in quick succession, 20 seconds each, totalling 6 minutes 40 seconds. 3 minutes 20 seconds of questions and the whole presentation wraps up in 10 minutes total.

Presentation Format
When accepted, presentations can be submitted in PowerPoint (preferred) or Prezi or equivalent digital presentation format, and PDF format for posters. The Conference Proceedings will be posted on the CCA website post-conference. Instructions for submitting presentations will follow after presentation acceptance.

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