Presentation Types and Topics – 2018

General Session Topics

This year’s conference theme “Community Mapping – Place Making Through Maps offers a forum for sharing place-based knowledge and placing it alongside a broader scientific context. As in other parts of Canada, we can all benefit from ‘two eyed seeing’. (Maher, 2017) Read more about Bob Maher’s community mapping vision at his blog Ernest Blair Experiment.

Presentations or posters based on original and/or applied research, and on the technical aspects of cartography topics are especially welcome. All presenters, whether presentation or poster must submit an abstract electronically (in English or French) of up to 250 words. Please send submissions to conference chair, Monica Lloyd at  All abstracts are required to be submitted by the deadline. Submissions could fall under one of the following categories, but are suitable in any area of Cartography (and Geomatics):

Community Projects Geospatial Data Services
Analytical Cartography Topographic Mapping
Map Production Technology History of Cartography
Map Use and Design Cartographic Education
GIS / GNSS Political Aspects of Cartography
Mapping Health Data Geographic Visualizations
Mountain Cartography Open Source Mapping Solutions
Web mapping 3D mapping

Receipt of abstracts will be acknowledged by email. Instructions for submitting presentations will follow after presentation acceptance. Conference Proceedings will be posted on the CCA website post-conference.

Important Dates

January 2018 Formal Call for Presentations
March 30, 2018 Abstract Submission Deadline
April 13, 2018 Abstract Acceptance Notifications Sent
April 30, 2018 Early Registration Deadline, and for at least one of the authors of an accepted presentation for inclusion in the program.

Presentation Types

Technical Presentations:

  • 20 minutes long with 5 minutes for brief questions for a total duration of 25 minutes
  • oral with visuals in electronic format, such as PowerPoint, Prezi, PDF or equivalent
  • technical sessions will be first slotted in Wednesday afternoon’s time slot to keep with the technical day theme
  • modern audio-visual equipment and room for live demos

General Session Presentations:

  • 15 minutes long with 5 minutes for brief questions for a total duration of 20 minutes
  • oral with visuals in electronic format, such as PowerPoint, Prezi, PDF or equivalent


  • 5-10 minute talks aimed at practical map design presentations or project designs, not yet fully completed (e.g. student mapping projects)


  • good quality presentation media
  • no larger than 60″ x 42″
  • typical poster size is 42” wide x 36” high
  • poster mounting stands will be provided


  • fast paced presentation with 20 slides in electronic format
  • visuals in electronic format, such as PowerPoint, Prezi or equivalent
  • presented in quick succession, 20 seconds each, totalling 6 minutes 40 seconds. 3 minutes 20 seconds of questions
  • presentation wraps up in 10 minutes total

Abstract & Bio:

  • Title of Presentation abstract. List of author(s) with affiliation, position, and contact information for each author (title, organization, address, telephone, e-mail)
  • Presenting author indicated with an asterisk (*)
  • Abstract (no more than 250 words) that introduces the work, states the methods used, results obtained, and conclusions
  • Short bio on presenter(s)
  • Preference for Oral, Poster Presentation or PechaKucha format
  • Mini-talks (5-10 minutes) are also suitable to outline map projects and ideas

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