Membership An Invitation to Join the Canadian Cartographic Association

  • Cartographica: members receive this quarterly journal, published by the University of Toronto Press and endorsed as the journal of the CCA.
  • Cartouche: members receive a digital copy of the CCA newsletter, announcing the activities of the Association, forthcoming events, products and news items and featuring short articles.
  • International Cartographic Association Newsletter. The ICA Newsletter is distributed digitally twice a year, with Cartouche.
  • Members are entitled to vote at the Annual General Meeting and to participate in the direction of the Association by standing for an elected position on the Executive.
  • An annual conference is held at a pre-selected site during the spring/summer. Regional meetings may be organised periodically. Members can access a range of expertise through the interest groups and regional contacts.

(See a list of CCA member’s web sites)

The person to contact with respect to membership is our Secretary:


Claire Gosson

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